Monetisasi Pada Fitur Instagram TV

Fitur IGTV yang telah hadir sejak tahun 2018 silam tidak menuai banyak antusiasme dari para content creators dan influencers maupun dari pihak brands karena dirasa tidak dapat menuai keuntungan yang menjanjikan.

Instagram Pods

Pernah mendengar istilah “Instagram Pods”? Apa itu Instagram Pods? Yuk, kita cari tahu bersama mengenai Instagram Pods!

Dampak Pandemi Terhadap Influencer Marketing

Pandemi COVID-19 membuat masyarakat mengalami perubahan kebiasaan dalam menjalani gaya hidup sehari-hari. Hal tersebut juga menyebabkan pergeseran kebutuhan karena masyarakat harus menjalani masa karantina mandiri dengan tetap berdiam diri di rumah dan membatasi kontak fisik serta sosial dengan dunia luar.

How Instagram Analytics Can Help Boost ROI in 2019

Understanding the algorithm is key. Your Instagram analytics are a gold mine of valuable insights about your audience, your content performance and the effectiveness of your business’ marketing strategy. But many brands don’t maximize on all this information or use it strategically when it comes to growing their business online.

Snapchat takes on TikTok with launch of Lens Challenges

Snapchat is looking to increase user engagement with the app with the launch of a new feature called Lens Challenges. Users can opt to participate in the challenges by creating a snap with a Lens that’s themed to a particular song, dance, holiday, event and more, the company explains.

YouTube rolls out Stories to creators with over 10K subscribers

A year ago, YouTube launched its own take on Stories, with the addition of a new short-form video format called Reels. The feature, which was rebranded as “YouTube Stories” at last year’s VidCon, was initially available only to select YouTube creators. But in June, YouTube said it would later in the year expand Stories to all creators with more than 10,000 subscribers. Today, it has done just that.

Instagram’s Crackdown on Fake Followers Just Might Work

Instagram Monday said it would again crack down on users who pursue “inauthentic activity” to boost an account’s popularity. Within hours, BlackHatWorld, a forum popular with self-proclaimed “black hat” social media marketers, was in crisis.

Facebook is building Lasso, a video music app to steal TikTok’s teens

Facebook is working on a new app that it hopes could win back the attention of teens while capitalizing on its recently-attained major label music licenses. Facebook is building a standalone product where users can record and share videos of themselves lip syncing or dancing to popular songs, according to information from current and former Facebook employees.

Instagram is building a standalone app for shopping

Instagram is working on a new standalone app dedicated to shopping, The Verge has learned. The app — which may be called IG Shopping — will let users browse collections of goods from merchants that they follow and purchase them directly within the app, according to two people familiar with the matter. Instagram declined to comment.

The state of advertising on Instagram Stories in five charts

The rapid growth and consumption of Instagram Stories has made it hard for advertisers to ignore, even if they have reservations over whether they can match the high-end, premium content on the platform. Spending is shifting to Instagram, with brands like Smirnoff, Nike and Stella Artois starting to spend more money on the vertical video format. Here is the state of advertising on Instagram Stories, in five charts Advertisers are shifting ad dollars to Instagram due to Instagram Stories

You can now apply to get a verified badge on Instagram — here’s how

Instagram is at last quenching the thirst of its thirsty, thirsty unverified users. The company just introduced a trio of new features designed to make Instagram a generally safer and more authentic place to hang out (third-party 2FA — enable it!) and for the first time the platform now offers users a straightforward way to request verification.

IGTV carousel funnels Instagram feed traffic to buried videos

IGTV didn’t get the benefit of being splayed out atop Instagram like Stories did. Instead, the long-form video hub is a bit more distant, located in a standalone app as well as behind a static orange button on the main app’s homescreen. That means users can go right on tapping and scrolling through Instagram without coming across IGTV’s longer videos, which range up to an hour.

Snapchat code reveals team-up with Amazon for ‘Camera Search’

Snapchat is building a visual product search feature, codenamed “Eagle,” that delivers users to Amazon’s listings. Buried inside the code of Snapchat’s Android app is an unreleased “Visual Search” feature where you “Press and hold to identify an object, song, barcode, and more! This works by sending data to Amazon, Shazam, and other partners.” Once an object or barcode has been scanned you can “See all results at Amazon.”

Instagram’s Do Not Disturb and ‘Caught Up’ deter overgramming

Instagram is turning the Time Well Spent philosophy into features to help users avoid endless scrolling and distraction by notifications. Today, Instagram is rolling out its “You’re All Caught Up – You’ve seen all new posts from the past 2 days” warning in the feed, which TechCrunch broke the news about in May.

Instagram announces IGTV, a standalone app for longer videos

Instagram today announced IGTV, a standalone app for watching long-form vertical video that will also have a tab inside the flagship app. When you log in to IGTV, it will automatically begin playing vertical videos from people you follow, along with personalized recommendations from elsewhere in Instagram. The app is now available on iOS and Android.

Instagram adds shopping tags directly into Stories

Instagram’s shoppable tags are about to pop up in Stories. The company started testing the feature back in 2016 with a limited set of 20 partners. Since then it’s been a hit, expanding broadly to regular brand posts in the feed.

Instagram plans June 20th launch event for long-form video hub

Last week TechCrunch reported Instagram will launch a long-form video hub, with a tentative June 20th launch date. Now Instagram is asking reporters to RSVP for a June 20th “special event,” confirming our scoop’s date. The invitation simply reads “Instagram has some news to share, and we want you to be the first to hear about it.” This is Instagram’s chance to evolve from social media to just ‘media,’ stealing longer mobile viewing sessions away from YouTube and Snapchat Discover.

Instagram plans to launch Snapchat Discover-style video hub

Instagram is preparing to unveil a home for longer-form video — a YouTube competitor and its take on Snapchat Discover. According to multiple sources, Instagram will offer a dedicated space featuring scripted shows, music videos and more in vertically oriented, full-screen, high-def 4K resolution. Instagram has been meeting with popular social media stars and content publishers to find out how their video channels elsewhere would work within its app. It’s also lining up launch partners for an announcement of the long-form video effort tentatively scheduled for June 20th.

Instagram might soon let you post videos up to an hour long

Instagram is considering doing away with video length constraints, according to The Wall Street Journal, which tonight published a report about “a new feature” that would let users post long-form clips of up to an hour. That would open new creative flexibility for users and bring Instagram closer in line with YouTube and its own parent company, Facebook. The plan is described as tentative, so Instagram could ultimately decide against radically extending the maximum running time of videos on its platform.

How Instagram’s algorithm works

Instagram users were missing 70 percent of all posts and 50 percent of their friends’ posts before the app ditched the reverse chronological feed for an algorithm in July 2016. Despite backlash about confusing ordering, Instagram now says relevancy sorting has led to its 800 million-plus users seeing 90 percent of their friends’ posts and spending more time on the app.

Stories are about to surpass feed sharing. Now what? Stories are growing 15X faster than feeds, so behavior must evolve

We’re at the cusp of the visual communication era. Stories creation and consumption is up 842 percent since early 2016, according to consulting firm Block Party. Nearly a billion accounts across Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Messenger now create and watch these vertical, ephemeral slideshows. And yesterday, Facebook chief product officer Chris Cox showed a chart detailing how “the Stories format is on a path to surpass feeds as the primary way people share things with their friends sometime next year.”

Snapchat hosts first Creators Summit after years of neglect

Social media stars have always been treated like nobodies instead of VIPs on Snapchat. Despite pioneering the Stories and creative tools they love, the lack of support saw many drift to YouTube’s ad dollars and Instagram’s bigger audience. Now Snap CEO Evan Spiegel is finally stepping up to win back their favor and their content.

Instagram code reveals upcoming music feature

Instagram is preparing to let you add music to your Stories, judging by code found inside its Android app. “music stickers” could let you search for and add a song to your posts, thanks to licensing deals with the major record labels recently struck by Facebook. Instagram is also testing a way to automatically detect a song you’re listening to and display the artist and song title as just a visual label.

What Snapchat Teaches Us About Influencer Marketing

Are influencers crucial to a social platform’s survival? The state of Snapchat begs this question. Some might say that things started going downhill for the app when it introduced its universally bemoaned interface update in February. But marketers know that Snapchat’s design flaws go back much farther than that.

Instagram Adds 'Focus' Mode for Selfies, Mention Stickers for iOS

Instagram is adding new option to help make your selfie images look better called Focus mode. The option has been in testing for the past few weeks. Apple offers a similar tool in later versions of the iPhone (7 and 8), but Instagram’s will work on a wider variety of devices by utilizing background segmentation and face detection technology.

First look at Instagram Nametags, its clone of Snapchat QR codes

Instagram is preparing to launch a feature called Nametags that lets you create a special image that people can scan with the Instagram Stories camera to follow you. TechCrunch broke the news of Nametags code in Instagram’s Android APK last month. But now thanks to reader Genady Okrain we have screenshots and more details of the Instagram Nametags feature.

Instagram's shoppable posts gives brands yet another reason to engage influencers

Aaron Brooks is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Vamp, a digital startup which helps brands better connect with quality social influencers. The wait is over, shoppable tags are here and are set to transform the face of ecommerce. In a bid to create a more ‘seamless experience’ for retailers, Instagram is to finally launch shoppable posts, the app’s most requested feature.

Yves Saint Laurent: How to sell a smell with influencer marketing

Has flat lay had its day? Even if you have no idea what flat lay is, you’ll have seen it: Instagram photos of scrupulously arranged products, snapped from above. Whether it’s perfect positioning of cheesecake ingredients or the artistically amassed inners of a beauty blogger’s handbag, they’re inarguably satisfying to look at.

Instagram Stories gets ‘quote tweet’-style feed post resharing

Instagram’s next big Stories feature could let you compliment or trash talk other people’s feed posts, or embed a “see post” button to promote your own. A TechCrunch reader sent us these screenshots of the new feature, which Instagram confirmed to us is appearing to a small subset of users. “We’re always testing ways to make it easier to share any moment with friends on Instagram” a spokesperson wrote. Now those moments can include dunking on people.

Five Misconceptions About Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has never been more popular, and, as such, there are a multitude of questions that remain unaddressed. These questions have fueled several misconceptions around the topic, including influencer selection, FTC guidelines and measurement.

How to Tap Into the Creator Side of Influencer Marketing

For as long as social media celebrities have existed, brands have been trying to tap into their star power. The reason is clear: Not only do these new stars have a massive number of loyal fans, but their connection to their audience is authentic and unmitigated by traditional gatekeepers.

How Insurance Brands are Reaching Millennials with Content and Social Marketing

The insurance industry is facing marketing challenges posed by a market shift in customer demand towards digital business processes. Millennials in particular are catching the attention of marketers, and for good reason. At present, millennials (age 18-30) represent 25% of the world’s population, and by 2025 will account for 75% of the workforce. Given these statistics, it’s clear that this generation offers a huge business opportunity for insurance providers.

Snapchat Finally Gives Creators Analytics

Snapchat has always been terrible at analytics, only showing daily Story view counts that content creators had to screenshot just before they disappeared every 24 hours in order to prove their worth to sponsors. But starting today, tens of thousands creators who make official Stories or have large followings will start seeing a slew of view count and demographic analytics on their Snapchat profile.

TV May Affect the Brain, But Influencer Marketing Affects the Heart

Marketing and advertising have evolved in many ways over the past decade, particularly with the ways we consume media, most notably social media. The advent of social media has ushered in a new wave of creators— the talented individuals who have showcased their creativity and developed a following around their content.

If KOLs Aren't Part Of Your Marketing Strategy, You Need To Read This

I recently spent time in China interviewing C-level leaders across different industries. After several interviews, I was struck by a pattern I observed. Not one marketer had talked about promotions or advertising or any of the top-of-mind tactics that might arise from a discussion with CMOs trained in the West. Instead, a term that kept emerging was KOL. The consistent, key lever that CMOs focused on to drive growth was engaging KOLs, or key opinion leaders.

Lazada Celebrates 11.11 with One Thousand Influencer Posts

Just as Alibaba broke news headlines with its record-breaking US$25.3bn sales haul on Single's Day, Lazada Indonesia led its own 11.11 celebration in Southeast Asia by dominating social media with an army of 1,000 influencer posts, marching in a fuchsia-colored parade of Photos, Videos, Boomerangs, Livestreams, and Instagram Stories to usher in 2017's biggest online shopping event.

Influencer Marketing Is Growing Faster Than Digital Ads

Cristiano Ronaldo unveils the Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly II boots. (Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images for Nike) Why is influencer marketing growing faster than digital ads? originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.

The Fung Brothers Make the Leap from online to On-Air

Once David and Andrew Fung start talking about food, there's hardly a moment of silence. The Seattle natives, brothers, and soon-to-be reality television personalities call themselves "food enthusiasts," but a few minutes of conversation reveals more than just a love of eating: they're passionate about the details of a dish -- from the ingredients to the cooking process -- and the knowledge they wield about the regions in the world their favorite foods come from is nothing short of impressive.

5 Ways to Become an Influencer

Becoming an influencer sounds quite nice doesn't it? Influencer marketing is hot right now and to become an influencer is even hotter. One of the key appeals for brands is the fact that influencers come with their own loyal social media following, creative ideas and insight into target demographics.

Bloggers vs 'influencers': who rules fashion's social universe?

Would-be writers with a passion for fashion became a force to be reckoned in the noughties, as blogging surged in popularity. Bloggers such as Susanna Lau, founder of Style Bubble, and Chiara Ferragni, aka the Blonde Salad and Amazon Fashion's European brand ambassador now sit shoulder to shoulder with Anna Wintour and Cara Delevingne on the front row of the biggest fashion shows.

Unilever Turns Tables on Influencers With 'New' Hair Care Brand

Like other big beauty brands, Unilever faces growing competition from startups with understated packaging, lofty prices and backing from social-media influencers. So the beauty giant set out to beat them by joining them sort of by soft launching Evaus haircare products through a handful of emerging beauty and fashion bloggers.

Travel blogging couple who are paid up to $12,000 per PICTURE reveal their secrets

Jack Morris, 26, and his girlfriend Lauren Bullen, 24, met in March, 2016, while both travelling in Fiji. Since, the inseparable pair have grown to be world-renowned travel bloggers and visited 45 countries together - all while earning a six figure salary for their stunning photographs and breathtaking Instagram feeds. And now, Jack, who is originally from Manchester, has revealed some of his top tips and how he and his Australian girlfriend have transformed their passion into a full time career.

Influencers Accelerate U.S. E-Commerce Sales In China

For efficient brand impact in China's massive retail market, more U.S. retailers are turning to key opinion leaders (KOLs) to influence Chinese consumers' online purchases. Fung Global Retail & Tech expects the emergence of KOLs as 'celebrities' popular online personalities will continue to propel the growth of cross-border e-Commerce for foreign retailers.

Lazada launches SEA's biggest influencer campaign for HARBOLNAS

Following the success of Lazada's Single's Day Campaign on 11/11, where Lazada smashed regional social media records, Lazada yet again launched the biggest influencer marketing campaign in Southeast Asia with over a thousand (1,000+) influencer posts to celebrate the biggest online sale of 2016, all the way from November, leading up to "Mega sales" dates from 12-14 December, 2016.

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